Quality Policy

Pet owners want healthy, balanced food for their pets. Taking on this challenge has made Selev Pet Industry a supplier of raw food materials for the best and best-known pet food brands.

Our internal quality protocols cover the acquisition of appropriate raw materials in good condition at abattoirs and cutting rooms to continuous laboratory analysis of all our production. As a consequence, our food quality and safety are based on two pillars:

Food traceability: We control the origin and processing of all our protein and fat production. Our raw material comes from discard from abattoirs and cutting rooms used for human consumption, thus sharing their original traceability references.

Ongoing production analysis: Our plant has an advanced chemical laboratory to analyse constantly and daily the protein index and the digestibility of our meals, their levels of fat and moisture, as well as the presence of histamines, ashes, peroxides and sulphuric acid. We comply with the HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) protocol from the first production phase until the product is warehoused and include repeated analyses of the same by NIR (Near Infrared Spectroscopy) technology, which is very fast and accurate.