Our company

We are part of Selev Biogroup, a division of Nouva Sesac specialized in Sustainability and Circular Economy. Nouva Sesac is a business group that with its third generation is dedicated to the productive and industrial economy with a firm social, economic and environmental commitment.

  • 1960

    Valencia family business

    Company Viuda de Miguel Cases is born, dedicated to the production of meat meals as a nutritional supplement in cereal feed intended for livestock feed.

  • 1973


    In 1973 Selev is found by Viuda de Miguel Cases with three other partners. The new firm is established in Silla (Valencia) to transform and supply beef and pork fats to other industries in the food sector. As of this date, Selev specializes in the production of high quality fats and proteins for the feed industry.

  • 2001

    We improve

    We invest in productive improvements in screening, grinding and granulating, as well as in quality systems such as the expansion and improvement of the Quality and R&D laboratory for the new Pet Food market.

  • 2005

    Pet food

    We are committed to offering a unique service for Pet Food, becoming the first Spanish industry of this specialty to incorporate the wet protein transformation system, achieving a highly digestible product. Since then, we operate in the segment of Premium Flours and High Quality Fats for pet food, together with products for aquafeeding, animal feed and fats.

  • 2010


    We export 70% of our production to Europe.

  • 2016


    As a result of the success of our business expansion plan, we began our journey in markets outside the European Union.

  • 2019

    Circular Economy

    Improvements in air and water transit are finalized and are now ready for inclusion in the Circular Economy cycle.


A new future

A model committed to the environment based on the circular economy and the 3R model.

Social commitment

We know the importance of the value of people as an essential resource for the future, so we allocate part of our budget to social investment.


As a key element and future value in relations with our customers and suppliers.

Excellence and quality

We give priority to the continuous search for the highest level of technical excellence and quality in all our products and services. 


Both in our products and in the best techniques available for environmental protection

Our preparations are considered as a premium raw material in the animal feed sector. And we have achieved this by introducing innovation as a constant factor in our philosophy. That of always going one step further, incorporating R & D + i in the day to day both in Selev Pet Industry and in all the companies of the group to which we belong.


We cooperate with the sector


We are members of Anagrasa, the National Association of Animal Fats and By-Products Transforming Industries, an entity that encompasses 70% of the sector in Spain and is part of EPRA, the European Association of Animal Fats and By-Products Transformers. EPRA, la Asociación Europea de Transformadores de Grasas y Subproductos Animales.