Quality and R&D

Trust as the basis of progress


It is really important that all the components necessary for the manufacture of animal food are healthy and balanced. Taking this as a challenge has turned Selev Pet Industry into a provider of animal proteins, oils and fats for the best and best-known brands in the sector.

Food traceability

We control the origin and transformation path of all our protein and fat production.

Our raw material comes from slaughterhouses and cutting rooms dedicated to human consumption, thus sharing its original traceability references.

Permanent analysis

We have an advanced chemical laboratory for the constant and daily analysis of the protein indices and digestibility of our flours, their levels of fat and humidity, as well as the presence of histamines, ashes, peroxides and sulfuric acidity. We comply with the APPC protocol (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) from the first phase of production to product storage and include repeated analysis using NIR (Near Infrared Spectroscopy) technology, which are very fast and precise.